Swim Studio Newcastle

We stock everything needed for swimming lessons:

  • caps
  • costumes
  • towels
  • back packs
  • goggles
  • jackets
  • track suits
  • swimming nappies for babies

– right here at the Swim Studio Swim Shop, at 4 Disa Rd with parking at the dam in Hibiscus Rd.

Parents need not go shopping and end up with the wrong equipment — new swimmers can be issued with everything at the first lesson, directly from our Swim Shop.

SWIM KIT: The complete essential swim kit that comprises of costume, cap, towel and back pack is compulsory for all transport swimmers (3yrs +). This makes swimmers easily identifiable at school and creates a sense of discipline and pride.

Costumes, towels & back packs come with the swimmer’s name embroidered in pink for girls, blue for boys and purple for adults.

Our original pink and blue silicone caps have now been replaced by beautiful white with silver-orange-pinkish branding for girls and white with blue-green branding for boys.

For BABIES up to 3 yrs, we stock costumes and re-usable pink or blue swimming nappies (if not potty trained yet) and special smaller pink (for girls) and black (for boys) silicone sharkie caps.

Goggles are only allowed for advanced swimmers who have been declared as safe as a tadpole (achieved their Tadpole badge). The reason for this is that if a child learns to swim with goggles, it could lead to drowning if ever the child were to fall in the water without them as they panic due to the fact that they are not used to water in their eyes. Adjusting goggles can also take up quite a lot of valuable lesson time.

TRACK SUITS: We have stunning swimming jackets of black, purple, blue and white quantek with toweling on the inside. Jackets are long enough to be worn on its own or it can be matched with a pair of pants in the colour of your choice, with or without elastic at the ankles, to become a complete track suit.

The badges, presented at the Awards Days, are then sewn onto these jackets as the swimmer progresses.


R 100
All ages from 3 yrs+
Swim Studio Silicone
R 100
Costumes: 0-10 yrs
R 210
Size 28-34
R 260
Size 36-48
R 280
Towels: Large
R 190
Baby Swim nappies
R 130
Bags: R 280 all one size R 280
R 510

R 780
Size 32-34

R 830
Size 36-48

R 850
0 - 5
6 - 11
XS / S
M / L
XL /
Jackets: R 440 R 450 R 490 R 530
Pants: R 210
R 220
R 250
R 280
R 670
R 740
R 810

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