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All babies love water. Before birth they have spent 9 months submerged in water in the womb. After birth we need to keep babies used to water in the face, eyes and ears, the sensations of buoyancy at different depths and also the distortion of sounds in water. This may not only prevent an early […]

Learn to swim

For all ages: from 3yrs old to any age, adults too! For all skill levels: from Beginners to Advanced Olympic Strokes Mondays to Saturdays, with transport provided only during the week of school terms from most Primary Schools, Pre-Schools and Day Care Centres in Newcastle. Globally there are approximately 42 drowning deaths every hour. It […]

Advanced Olympic Strokes

All our teaching is directed towards developing the four official Olympic strokes: Backstroke, Freestyle, Breaststroke & Butterfly. These have to follow an established set of rules for every stroke that is constantly revised at the FINA World Championships. Swimmers that do not learn the correct way will not only be at a speed disadvantage but […]


AQUACISE is for Adults of All Abilities: From the super fit sportsman to the asthmatic, overweight, diabetic, frail or injured. It eliminates impact on joints, improves blood circulation, digestion & bone density, even reverses osteoporosis & asthma. The 1000x more resistance in water than on land, slows down actions and improves stability safely. It also […]


Our facilities are ideal for swimming lessons and exercise with: indoor heated pool, non-slip brick paving around pool, wide non-slip coated pool steps, a martini seat along the one length, stainless steel hand rail for easy entry & exit, backstroke mirror and 5m flags, black lane lines on bottom and on walls, separate dressing rooms […]

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Code of conduct

The Swim Studio’s CODE of CONDUCT for Parents & Swimmers 2017 1. Thank you for entrusting yourself and/or your precious children to us. We deem it a privilege to have a small but essential part in your/their growth and development. 2. Swimmers are encouraged to acquire from us – as soon as possible – the […]

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Swimming lessons have a lot of additional benefits and teaching of water safety includes teaching kids about the dangers. Waterbabies Advanced Olympic Strokes Learn to Swim Aquacise

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Our objectives are to preserve and improve the life of people all ages in and around our community by teaching them to swim and exercise in a disciplined manner in order to maintain overall physical and mental health.


As the pool is completely indoors and heated, there will always be lessons, regardless of the weather. During extreme weather conditions or thunder or lightning, swimming videos may be shown or swimming techniques may be taught on land. With regards to lightning and thunder, the Newcastle weather changes so rapidly, that we cannot tell beforehand whether we will be going into the pool or not. Only at lesson time such a decision can be made.


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03Oct 2017


WHAT TO DO WHEN YOUR unsafe CHILD DOES NOT WANT TO SWIM? 1   Take Control. You’re the parent. Your child should be obedient to you, not the other way around. You do not allow him/her to play in the traffic, why allow them to choose about swimming, which they do not have the faintest clue on […]
03Oct 2017

Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety: What to do Erin Boyd-Soisson, Ph.D., associate professor of human development at Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania says separation anxiety is “typically most prevalent between 8 and 18 months or so.” Indications of separation anxiety are usually present while a caregiver is departing or has left. Children may cling, throw a tantrum, or […]