The Swim Studio’s CODE of CONDUCT for Parents & Swimmers 2019


Thank you for entrusting yourself and/or your precious children to us. We deem it a privilege to have a small but essential part in your/their growth and development.


Swimmers are encouraged to acquire from us – as soon as possible – the Swim Kit, which consists of our special one piece costume, purple towel and kit bag — all personalized with the swimmer’s name embroidered in either pink or blue — as well as a cap. No two piece costumes are allowed for either boys or girls and also no swim suits with zippers. Please note that the special Swim Studio branded caps are compulsory for all, except for swimmers with proper school swimming attire.


Swimmers/Parents, please do not rub cream/Glycerin/Vaseline on yourself /your child in the morning of swimming days, as it makes a swimmer too slippery to handle and it clogs up the pool terribly. Remember that our hands-on approach ensures the correct application of the swimming techniques.


PARKING: Please keep the drive-way, garages and lawns clear. Please make a U-turn higher up in Disa Rd at the Wistaria Rd turn-off, and then park on the left of Disa Rd, facing town only (traffic officer’s instructions!). You are welcome to rather travel down Hibiscus Rd and then to turn upstream at the large Swim Studio signs at the bridge onto the little two track dirt road and park above the dam to the right of the Swim Studio, under the oak trees.


Please look out for our swimmers, ducks, cats, guinea fowl, porcupine, leggewan — they have right of way! Parents please tell your children not to chase our animals and also never to touch any eggs as we would like the birds to breed.


Please note that it is highly recommended that all children be dropped off and picked up timeously. Any children dropped off early or picked up late cannot be supervised. Parents/guardians who engage in this practice do so at their own risk. Please note that this obviously does not apply to the school groups whom we transport to the lessons, as they are constantly supervised.


Whilst waiting for your child/ren, you are welcome to take the curved cushions for the concrete benches under the trees, but please return them to the pool room in case of rain or before leaving.


Please keep the Swim Studio facilities & grounds clean. Rubbish bins are provided in the garden. Also please do not draw or write graffiti on the steamed up windows, as it leaves dirty marks once dry.


Please leave the fruit, nuts, berries & vegetables for Camille and her family — also those around the dam in the veld.


Please avoid biting (!) and stepping on any pool props like kicking boards, noodles etc. — they can be quite slippery!


Kindly note that the showers are only for the odd Aquacise Adult, who needs to get ready for work after a workout early in the morning. Aquacisers, please keep the showering brief, without running the taps constantly throughout. Thank you.


If a parent happens to be present, please see to it that your child visits the toilet and thoroughly blows his/her nose before the lesson. If your child has an extraordinary runny nose, you could assist in wiping the nose when needed during a lesson. Tissues are provided in the plastic containers on the edge of the pool: one for new and one for used tissues.


Please keep swimmers with open wounds or any contagious condition / disease / gastro etc. away from the pool & lessons. Females may swim during ‘that’ time of the month, but only if completely effective internal tampons are used, nothing else.


Swimmers should always ask permission from the instructor first, before entering or leaving the pool. If parents are around, it will be appreciated if one could assist his/her small child in case the toilet is needed.


Kindly refrain from any communication with our swimmers (especially if it is your own child) and any audible comments during a lesson, as the swimmer’s attention should be with the instructor only.


No swimmers, especially no toddlers, are allowed to climb out to get toys from the pot. Not only will it reduce valuable pool time, but they may also get hurt by sharp toys and bump their heads on the steel hand rail. Only instructors are to select the right toy for the right age and skill exercise.


Please use dressing rooms for changing. Only immobile babies are allowed to be changed while lying down on couches.


Please note that photos taken of swimmers and visitors at the Swim Studio may be used for promotional purposes, so kindly inform us asap in writing if that would be against your wishes. Please also always clear it with Camille first if you would like to take any photos or videos at the Swim Studio. A photo or short video clip of maximum 30 seconds may be acceptable, but only if permission was granted beforehand.


Although at times we may specialize in certain aspects or levels of swimming, mostly all Swim Studio instructors try to work with and get to know al the swimmers. Therefore swimmers should be fairly comfortable with any instructor. This has proven a great advantage in case an instructor is absent or in case a swimmer needs to move to another time slot.


Lessons are normally 30 min long, but if only one swimmer attends, the lesson time will be halved, to avoid exhaustion.




Please check your bank statements every month to ensure that your debit order has gone through — if that is the payment method you chose. The Swim Studio reference on your statement will always be either Swim Studio or MULTIDFORSWIMS for debit orders. Also remember that a R100 penalty will be added for every debit order that is returned unpaid.


Please remember the annual 8% escalation to your chosen payment if you enrolled for 12 month cycles and also to send a written notice of cancellation by registered post at least 30 days prior to the automatic renewal — only if you wish to cancel after any 12 month cycle.


Please note that any arrear payment will incur interest at a rate of 2% per month. All discounts, if applicable, will also be forfeited on late payments.


Please DO NOT send any sms, fax or e-mail after any monthly fee payment. We have to wait for it to appear on our bank statement anyway. Please always remember to use the swimmer’s name & surname as a reference.


Only in case of ONCE-OFF PAYMENTS such as for SWIM KITS or jackets etc. it is essential to send a fax or e-mail.


Please note our preferred ‘green’ FAX no: 088 03432 50905. This goes to our e-mail which saves on paper and ink.


Please try to settle fees, fit & order swim kits etc. before lessons. Please remember that often all instructors are in the pool, that is why appointments need to be made & why internet or debit order installments are encouraged.


In the event of cancellation/termination of any contractual agreement by a client before any 12 month cycle is completed — as already stipulated in all contracts —  the client is required to give 20 business days WRITTEN notice, send by registered  post, upon which a cancellation fee equivalent to 3 full monthly payments shall immediately become due, owing and payable in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 and its The swimmer will then forfeit his/her lesson space after the notice period. All discount, if any, will also be forfeited and the fees for all lessons according the total contract period will be recalculated at the standard lesson fee. Please always check that Camille, as member of the Swim Studio CC, has received your  WRITTEN cancellation as no other staff member may accept cancellations. Camille will acknowledge your cancellation with a written letter in turn stating your cancellation dates and the relevant re-calculated outstanding fees to be paid.


Office Hours  during  our  swimming  period:  __________   (for Phone Calls, walk-in Admin & Enrolments)

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays:  07:30  –  16:00

Tuesdays & Thursdays:                   09:00  –  17:30

Saturdays:                                       13:00   –  14:00.

PLEASE note that these hours may change due to swimming lesson demands.


Office Hours  during  June & July:   __________________  (for Phone Calls, walk-in Admin & Enrolments)

Mondays to Fridays:  09:00 – 16:00

PLEASE note that the SWIM STUDIO Office will be closed for the last week of the school holidays in July and four consecutive weeks of December/January.


Please adhere to the above office hours  for  all communication.  Normally there will be one of us available during these hours.


It would still be best if you could call (within the above office hours)  to make an appointment  if needed, as we will not be able to answer any phone or attend to your needs while we are busy teaching swimming.


SMSes or Voice Messages left after the above Office hours on 03432-50905 and  071 683 2285  will only be read first thing in morning, but please send them before 9 in the evening or after 7 in the morning.


Please call the Kombi direct (074 943 2004) in case of any unforeseen changes or problems with regards to the TRANSPORT. Voice mail or smses are not acceptable in this case as it is not guaranteed that they will be heard or read in time.


Please respect Camille’s private residence and private time by adhering to the above Office and calling/sms hours. Kindly refrain from calling/faxing/sms between 21:00 in the evening and 07:00 in the morning.

Thank you so much for your kind co-operation.

There is nothing we like better than to see our swimmers flourish and swim beautifully ….. happily!