Every six months, usually over 3 weekends at the end of May and the same again towards the end of November every year, Awards Days are held. Every swimmer is then given an opportunity to show the parents his/her progress by either simulating a normal lesson for beginners or showcasing the Olympic strokes over the length of the pool for the advanced swimmers.

With regards to our transport swimmers especially (as these parents are never present at lessons), this is an opportunity to meet new parents and demonstrate our teaching methods in the pool.

Every swimmer is rewarded with certificate(s) and/or badges according to the level of progress. There are 4 badges for beginners, then follow the distance badges as well as the coveted tadpole badge, which declares the swimmer as safe as a tadpole in the water. All our teaching is aimed at swimmers first declared safe and eventually also receiving the ultimate last 4 of the total of 12 badges, which are the four Olympic strokes: the Backstroke -, Crawl -, Breaststroke – and Butterfly badges.

In order to experience the gratification of progress, swimmers need to attend the Awards Days regularly. It is important for parents to also understand how the swimming skills develop, which is explained in depth at the Awards Days.

This is an extremely satisfying and special day with our crocodile jumping castle for the little ones as well as lots to eat and drink for the whole family to enjoy! Our Awards Day cupcakes given to each swimmer as well, have become a popular feature of the Swim Studio over the years!


At the November Awards Days, all swimmers of the same ages from all schools are grouped together in order to find the best swimmer of every age category to receive a large floating Trophy and a small one to keep. As our young swimmers cannot understand yet why someone else gets a trophy, and because it then takes away their sense of achievement, all trophies are awarded at a separate presentation ceremony for trophy winners and their families, only at the end of the very last Awards Day, just before the photo is taken for the local paper, the Newcastle Advertiser.

The Annual SWIM STUDIO TROPHY Categories are the following:

Best Senior Boy 10yr +
Best Senior Girl 10yr +
Best 9yr Boy
Best 9yr Girl
Best 8yr Boy
Best 8yr Girl
Best 7yr Boy
Best 7yr Girl
Best 6yr Boy
Best 6yr Girl
Most Promising Swimmer
Most Improved Swimmer
Most Advanced Boy for his age
Most Advanced Girl for her age
Most Co-operative Boy
Most Co-operative Girl