AQUACISE is for Adults of All Abilities:

From the super fit sportsman to the asthmatic, overweight, diabetic, frail or injured.

It eliminates impact on joints, improves blood circulation, digestion & bone density, even reverses osteoporosis & asthma.

The 1000x more resistance in water than on land, slows down actions and improves stability safely.

It also adds greatly to the toning and firming up of the whole body. 

High Intensity Interval Resistance Training!

Swim Studio Newcastle

Since 2016 we participate in the Annual Worldwide Aquathon, usually held on the 2nd Saturday of November. This was started in South Africa and now happens at the same date in 80 countries all over the world, where members of the public are invited to experience Aquacise for 3 hours. The entry fees are then donated to local charities.

Healthwise Exercise for Adults

indoor warm pool

AQUACISE Session Times:

Mon/Wed/Fri @  8:15 –  9:00

Tue/Thu @ 17:15 – 18:00

Discovery Clients:

  • 100 Vitality points for every AQUA session! 

Dress: any swim costume;  ladies: shorts optional. (We sell ladies costumes up to size 42).

 Long hair needs to be pinned up only, caps not needed.

Separate Gents/ Ladies Dressing Rooms with hair dryers.


Individual Rehab sessions available on request

Come feel it to believe it!



Exercise in 30°C warm water will decrease the risk and ease the symptoms of heart disease, muscular atrophy, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, high and low blood pressure, lung disfunction and breathing problems like asthma and much more. It improves circulation, relieves tension and reduces stress. Because of the lack of gravity in water, at first you may feel that you are floating around like walking on the moon. You will soon learn to stabilize and then experience the endless benefits of Aquacise,

Some benefits:

  • Water provides a variable load in 3-dimensional 360 degrees all around you. It therefore replaces all machines found in a gym. This causes muscles to develop in complete balance, because every movement done against the force of water will require a counter movement against the same force of water to return to the resting position. Aquacise is not at all land aerobics done in water.
  • Aquacise is a combination of cardiovascular and resistance strength training, all at once, since every single movement in the water carries a load essential for healthy bone growth (preventing osteoporosis), for building healthy strong muscles, and for sculpting the body.
  • The pleasant resistance of water constantly tones and massages your body with every movement you make – thus no flab anymore. This resistance causes your muscles to work harder, burning more calories. By altering depth and speed of movement, this hydrostatic pressure can be immensely increased or decreased.
  • The water turbulence burns more energy (calories) and you are constantly working against the resistance that your own body created. Therefore there is little chance of dangerous overloading as with ‘fit-for-all’ exercise machines.
  • The lack of gravity in water provides you with that lovely buoyant feeling, makes you feel light and comfortable with no jarring effects on your ankle -, knee – or hip joints, which is extremely beneficial for the little heavier and also during pregnancy. Remember also that the water provides a gracious cover for the shy body to hide under.
  • As your body temperature rises during your workout, the water’s cooling effect will release the stress on the heart and cool your body down. No need for a shower after Aquacise, as you’ll be good & clean & fresh! (Tra-la-la!)
  • Since gravity is greatly limited in water and most of the actions are concentric (muscle contracts or shortens towards the central axis of the body), stiffness is very unlikely to occur.
  • Even an injured person can be helped along to recovery . Recovery times are shorter and far less painful in water.
  • Aquacise can help any sportsman or woman to build strength in his required muscle group.
  • The pregnant lady will experience better posture, balance, lower temperature etc. She will also feel lighter and will relieve stress from her back, hips, knees and ankles. Birth has been proven easier.
  • Aquacise is the only type of acceptable exercise for people suffering from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The water pressure lifts bone from bone, allowing the sticky synovial fluid to flow again, oiling the stiff and painful joints so that the  benefits will continue once out of the pool as well.

AQUACISE is very sociable and great fun! As it is a relatively new form of exercise, one need not feel like a complete beginner but may enter the water confidently and really enjoy a good workout!