Our objectives are to preserve and improve the life of people regardless of age in and around our community by teaching them to swim and exercise in a disciplined manner in order to maintain overall physical and mental health.

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All babies love water. Before birth they have spent 9 months submerged in water in the womb. After birth we need to keep babies used to water in the face, eyes and ears, the sensations of buoyancy at different depths and also the distortion of sounds in water. This may not only prevent an early drowning but will also make the learning to swim process so much easier later.

BABIES love to SWIM…don’t let urs drown!
12 week Swim Course for Babies (0-39m old ) from Sat 13 Jan,
come enroll @ Swim Studio in Hibiscus Rd, Newcastle,
at least one day before your choice of class day:
Sat 13:30 / Mon 17:30 / Tue 15:45 / Wed 11:15 / Thu 15:45
from as little as R294 pm. 

Call 071 683 2285 or 034 325 0905 to ensure your space!

Swim studio Newcastle


Globally there are approximately 42 drowning deaths every hour. It is one of the 10 leading causes of death for people aged 1 – 24 in every region of the world. In South Africa 600 children die every year from drowning, 10 times this number will survive a drowning experience, but not all of them will fully recover, they may have brain damage or be in a coma. Swimming therefore is an essential life skill that everyone should master, not only due to the water safety aspect but also because it provides an amazing opportunity for lifelong recreation and fitness.

All ages & Skill levels 0-100yrs
Mon – Sat, Transport available from schools.
From as little as R336 pm @ SWIM STUDIO @ Dam in Hibiscus Rd Newcastle

Call 071 683 2285 or 034 325 0905

(Camille has 34 yrs experience as a qualified instructor)

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